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I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Berlin, a native of Sicily (IT), a compulsive pizza eater and a big sustainer of deep-fried pastry tubes with a sweetened ricotta cheese filling (Cannoli). Currently, I'm a Designer at SumUp. But also Founder and Designer at Bracket Studio, a jewellery and accessories design laboratory. "Lines, shapes and bold colours" is my pipeline to creativity. With A focus on digital products and communication outcomes, I design solutions to grow a brand experience, from identity to design systems, with an eye on palette schemes and a user-centred approach.

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Dec 2020
- Today

Visual & Product

Since joining in December 2020, I have been part of the Merchant Success Tribe. The department is in charge of all the points of support for small merchants, to make their lives easier and enable them to do the jobs they love in a frictionless way. My daily meal consists in feeding the Support Centre with valuable guides and motion design tutorials to speed up the user’s learning curve; shaping new user flows and features to empower the idea of self-service and improve the support funnel based on qualitative and quantitative research gently served by our research community; discovering new edges of brand languages to level up the product perception supporting and contributing to the brand central team. I was part of the little core crew that launched the first illustration library abroad for the whole company in both markets Brazil and Europe. Hack-week 2022 winner for an internal tool.

May 2019
- Nov 2020

Senior Brand

First visual designer in the company, my role was to bring brand personality and expressiveness to our products. Creating, evolving, and implementing company-wide design systems, developing the entire company website using Webflow and a scalable visual library. Educating and empowering employees to maintain brand consistency through self-service design tools and teaching design best practice. Defining illustration guidelines, creating a new illustration library, as well as defining other global brand guidelines
for different online/offline channels. Focusing on UX/UI and branding, with the goal of creating a seamless and consistent experience between brand and product. Collaborating with UX, Content Strategy, Engineering, and Marketing. Additionally, I’m managing one wonderful junior designer for maintaining brand consistency.

Sep 2018
- May 2019

Brand Designer
& Illustrator

Collaborated with different business entities such as local creative agencies (Just Maria , Cut &Paste ), digital product agencies (6mobile ), creative platforms (Zooppa , 90Seconds ). I took several responsibilities driving art direction for web application brand identities, logo design,  product design systems for web services and illustration libraries. Conceptualized and illustrated video motion graphics to promote digital products and startups, from story boards and moodboards to final animations. Collaborated with video producers, copy writers and animators through all the creative process, guiding brain storming teams. Drove video post production sessions and sound design as well. Designed animated onboarding for native IOs app illustrating and animating with Lottie Bodymovin to scale the dev implementation process.

Feb 2013
- Sep 2018

Brand & Product

Evolved the Mosaicoon platform and brand identity to scale video creativity production and delivery. Led the entire design thinking process at every product stage, from video acquisition, through video customisation systems and purchase flow, to data campaign trackers (Sonar ) for online advertising. Developed and maintained the brand and product system. Partnered strategically with Marketing and Product Design to ensure consistency between the product and marketing experiences. Collaborated with Engineering teams on a daily basis and promoting the design system as an evangelist. Previously worked in the “creative lab” for external clients (Jaguar, Vileda, Emergency, Kocca, Linkem, Eudorex, Duca di Salaparuta)  leading digital art directions and formulating design systems for microsites and social media campaigns.

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Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Indesign
Anima App
Play Guitar



2012 - Graphic Design Bachelor

Used digital illustration, photo editing software, and layout software to create designs. Studied typography history and communication art. Developed a keen visual sense and the desire to communicate using words and images.

2015 - Vimeo Staff Picks

Reinventing the horizon through an array of 1500 panoramic Sicilian photographs,  in a  itinerary at full speed, allowing the eye of the public to perceive a unique, infinite horizion. Played at Farm Cultural Park in Favara, Dec 2015.

2008 - High school Degree

As a science education, I developed a high critical and analytical sense, a deconstructive approach to problem solving. A strong humanistic and philosophical background. A good artistic knowledge and technical drawing.

2014 - Infographic Thinking

The workshop aimed at highlighting the potential of infographic thinking as modality to approach: translating a complex issue into an effective and recognizable visual form, producing new knowledge and revealing new meanings.
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